Sunday, January 11, 2009

My meeting tonight

So I haven't written in a while, sorta been busy and bummin about the death of my sponsee. I know it will get better-but it still sucks.

So I went to a meeting tonight. The minute I walked in I wanted to just turn around and leave. I know it's supposed to be principles before personalities but gimme a goddamn break. I get there early and who is the first face I see-Mr Jackass himself. Now if anyone told me that telling off this asshole would make him not speak to me I would have done it A LONG TIME AGO! haha. So yea, he's not speaking to me which is OK fine with this drunk. I am sick of his antics scaring away newcomers and regulars alike. Then there's this other young lady who drives me crazy, who even drives Mr Jackass nuts. She is just soooooo loud and needy. I guess we all have our issues but daaaaaammmm. I was saved by a good friend who finally showed up and then it was fine after that.

After the meeting I give my friend Kerry a ride home. He is such a sweet man. He got sober before me and we have been friends in sobriety since I came in to AA. When I first came in I connected with a lot of males with lots of sobriety. AA says boys with boys and girls with girls but it was not like that for me. I found myself involved with two different groups here in town and most of the members were men. Three of them have passed away, which is incredibly sad, BUT I am so grateful to have met all of them and was able to have learned quite a bit from them while they were well and going to meetings. ALL of them went to meetings until their health prevented it. They all died sober! I admire all of them and am so grateful for what they have taught me about recovery.

So I wanted to check in and I will write more soon.....To all my sober readers-keep up the good work! Meetings, meetings, meetings people. And lots of praying. To anyone struggling-just keep it simple and be strong-that miracle will happen if you want it to.


Barb said...

Don't let Mr. Jackass take your strengh. He's not worth it !

Lou said...

I'm glad you don't let jackasses keep you from meetings..or else you might never go. Haha!

Scott W said...

Alcoholics can be the most brash and super needy people on the planet. And those that speak so LOUDLY just having a normal conversation before the meeting starts. They just want everyone to pay attention. Makes me crazy.

You stuck with the winners. Yea!