Sunday, February 7, 2010


Happy Superbowl Sunday!!

I am getting ready to go to a meeting and the Superbowl just began. This means I have to leave my boy to watch the game on his own. And it kinda sucks. Why you say? Because he has many male relatives, never mind a POS father who are watching the game with other family and friends and no one thought to include him in their plans. Sometimes people - including (or ESPECIALLY) family just SUCK BIG DONKEY DICK.

My brothers (Princes UNCLES) all get together every year and there are NO CHILDREN allowed. To this I say GROW THE FUCK UP you buncha losers. My son and my nephew are both 14 now and it's not like they gotta get up from the game and change a fucking diaper or feed them for fuck sake.

His POS father is another story. I don't really want Prince over there anyway, but if he could somehow get over himself and think about this kid every now and then - oh yea-I forgot-that's NEVER going to happen. What the hell was I thinkin? I DID speak to the POS the other day and he needs heart surgery. Courtesy of the taxpayers of the State of Connecticut since he is still sucking off the state for unemployment and medical insurance. I still have to obtain his meds from CANADA because POS made sure he had HIMSELF covered-but now Prince. Ok, I'm done now. Can you tell I NEED A MEETING?

Sorry, but I just do not take kindly to ANYONE dissing my child.