Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Damn, that felt GOOD

I put a belligerent, self-absorbed, asinine jackass in his place tonight and IT FELT GOOD! Well it feels good at the moment anyway. I'm sure I will be making amends tomorrow, but for now I am enjoying. I went to my regular Tue. night meeting tonight. Awesome meeting. Great speaker. Good topic discussion after the speaker. A good friend was presented with her ONE YEAR medallion!!! WTG Val! So anyway, real good night. THEN we have our business meeting. At our business meeting, Mr. Jackass keeps interrupting (oh, just like he usually does DURING our regular meeting) because he wants to bring something up and like a child he just CAN'T wait until the secretary is ready to hear it. So I say Val let Mr. Jackass (I didn't say that at the meeting lol) speak cause its killing him, and he says (loud and obnoxiously) "Never mind, I don't want to even bring it up anymore, forget it". So I say "Oh, come on don't do this again Mr. Jackass-just tell the group what you wanted." He declines acting like a friggin child and I told him he was once again acing like a 2 old and to knock it off. He did NOT like hearing the truth. I finally said out loud what everyone in the room has been wanting to say for a very long time. Mind you, he did this last month at our business meeting-practically stomping his feet and sticking out his tongue at us on the way out. It was worse last month and the next day a newcomer (my sponsee) and 2 more regulars told me they weren't coming back to this particular meeting because of Mr. Jackass. After he stormed out, other group members were thanking me for saying what they have been wanting to say for a very long time.

I could write a book about this guy - but I won't. I know we are a sick bunch. Booze is but a symptom of our disease. Just because we put down the bottle does NOT mean all is well! As they say, some are sicker than others. How true, I know because I am including myself in the sicker than others category! I, however do realize this and receive counseling and an anti-depressant to help me with those issues. All I can do is pray that he gets well. And I shall.

My Gratitude list for today:

  • I love my Tuesday night beach house meeting.
  • I gave up my coffee commitment to another, but I DO miss it-it will be OK
  • I was able to ENJOY my meeting without worrying about what was going on with the coffee pot
  • I have great friends in recovery
  • Our speaker tonight has been through hell and back and never had to drink over any of it-He is truly an inspiration
  • I am grateful for Mr Jackass, because when he is being just a regular guy, he is very kind to my son-taking him to baseball games and movies.
  • I have a great job, definitely a blessing in these hard times.
  • I have an awesome family-even the ones who ignore me now that they think they might catch the "sober cooties" from me and choose to stay as far away from me as possible.
  • I am grateful that even though it felt good tonight, I must make amends to my fellow alcoholic for acting out-I probably could have handled it better. I am thankful that I know when I am wrong and I can promptly admit it.
  • I am grateful for my new blogger buddies/friends. You all rock, just so ya know!


Gledwood said...

Hi thanks for your message it was most appreciated. You know your blog is one of v few about recovery that seems to tell it like it is without disappearing where the sun don't shine: CONGRATULATIONS!

Ann H. said...

Oh, man. I've been waaaay over analyzing why my family doesn't want to be around me... and what I said in maybe 10 blogs, about 5,000 words, you said in 7: THEY DON'T WANT TO CATCH SOBER-COOTIES. oh wait. Is sober-cooties one word? NOTE TO SELF: Keep it simple.