Wednesday, June 2, 2010

THRILLED is putting it mildly

I have had quite a busy 2 months. I didn't even get a chance to check in with any of you except a peek here and there. I miss you and hope to catch up real soon. I have a good excuse, I was busy BUYING MY FIRST HOME!!! YAY!! Hence the title. I am extremely thrilled to have been blessed with this beautiful home. Even more thrilling is that Prince absolutely LOVES HIS NEW HOME!!! Now if you have been reading me you know my son suffers from depression and BP disorder and he does not like ANYTHING. I overheard him say to his uncle that he LOVES it when asked how he likes it here. OMG, that alone makes it all so much more special. I think this is a good step in helping him through his difficulties. He despised our last house as it was kind of a DUMP with a SLUMLORD that we didn't care for. I think the memories of the battles he witnessed between myself and his father made him hate it even more. I left that house for the last time today and let me tell you it was a relief to pull out of that driveway for the VERY LAST TIME.
I closed and we moved in this past Friday, which was also the 13th anniversary of my mothers passing. I looked at that as a good omen, as if my mom was shining down on me and letting me know she was there and was proud of my accomplishments. I truly do feel that. Its WEIRD that every aspect of buying this home and everything since has been PERFECT. Not a single glitch. No broken furniture, no parting bad words from the SLUMLORD (he wished me luck in my new home!). By the time the ink was dry on the contract, my sister and sister in law had ALL OF MY STUFF moved in! As in truck was EMPTY and my sun porch and living room were setup and most boxes unpacked(those girls were PHENOMENAL!) I had two women and 2 teenagers move my whole house and it worked out perfectly. It has just been one good thing after another and I AM NOT USED TO THAT!! Where, oh where, has my SHIT FAIRY gone? I certainly don't miss that bitch.