Friday, January 29, 2010

The Payoff

I'm finally starting to see all of my hard work and sleepless nights are paying off. I just went into my son's room to remind him to take his meds tonight and what happened next is what I'm talking about. He said "OK Mom" and as I went to close the door he called out to me. I opened the door as he was turning off the video game and he said "I love you". I said "I love you too buddy, is everything OK?" to which he replied "I don't think I tell you enough, and you know-you're not gonna be around forever!" HOW SWEET IS THAT???? O, My GOD! I love that boy with my whole heart and try to raise him to be a kind, loving, compassionate, and productive person and I think he gets it.

I just had to share this tender moment between my son and I with you. He just made this mommas day!!! God is good, and sobriety ROCKS my friends!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catching up Time

Here's the low down on the Queen:

I'm still sober as a newborn baby. YAY.

I temporarily fell into a sort of funk for the last few weeks, but I am slowly digging myself out.

I did not have to drink over it. Double YAY.

It's so damn cold here and it's dark at like 5pm. I am sooooo done with winter this year. The snow needs to go the fuck away too.

I even started to slack off on my meetings, and all I could think of was how everyone who was lucky enough to make it back from a relapse say that it all started when the STOPPED going to meetings.

That was enough to scare me into gettin off my dead ass and going again.

I'm so glad I went to a meeting tonight. There was a newcomer there with barely one day of sobriety. She was shakin and quakin and it just reminds me of where I was and why I need to be there. It's not ALL about me, its about helping other sick and suffering drunks.

I picked up a treasurers commitment at one of my meetings. I have never held this position and I think its going to be good. Hell I manage a whole store's funds, AA can't be too bad.....or CAN it!?!?

I haven't been motivated enough to take my damn tree down yet. Maybe I will leave it up and decorate it according to the holiday du mois. Like this month I can decorate it with presidents, next month hearts for Valentines. ETC.

OK, whats up with the Japanese comments? I googled and translated what that assbag is commenting and it isn't pretty.

Hey at least he/she/it is reading recovery blogs. Maybe something good will rub off.

I appreciate some of you calling me out and asking where the hell I've been. All is good. I swear. I love you guys, I really do.

Well I need to go get my read on and catch up with y'all. Have yourselves a grand old evening-I know I will. QUEEN.....OUT