Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Greg-sweet Greg

This handsome young man is my cousin Greg. He was heinously taken from this world and his family almost four years age by a person so small and insignificant that I won't even mention his name here. The trial for taking Greg and his step brother Derek begins today. Please pray for Greg and Derek's families-that the outcome of the trial will be just punishment for this most unnecessary crime and that the families of both of these young men can begin to heal.

With that, I'm off to court to support my family during this diffucult time.

Thanks in advance for your prayers.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Soon I will have my very own castle

Happy Easter folks!! It's been over a month since I had a chance to post last and I have missed youse guys! I'm still a sober Queen, loving every minute of every day lately.

I must say if I check in and see ANOTHER one of you bloggers closing up shop I am gonna hafta slap a bitch. Knock it off, and I mean now! YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Yes YOU. and YOU and YOU.

I have been spending all of my spare time lately online, hunting for a home. I am like a madwoman. I will find the house of my dreams, in fact I may have found it already. Just waiting to hear from my real estate guy.

I have never owned a home. I have always been self-sufficient, kept up on my bills (MOST of the time!) and just could never get out of debt. Even during my drinken days, I still managed to pay bills-but could never get ahead enough to actually buy anything. I was scared to take that big step. I was also stuck with a POS all those years and never wanted him in my home. So I have recently found myself in a good position financially to be able to finally move outta the GHETTO house I have been renting for about 12 years. I have worked very hard to get to this point and I am so very grateful for AA and the support and love of my sober friends. I guess it's true-"they will materialize, if we work for them." I LOVE THAT! Here are the Twelve Promises of AA. A whole bunch of them have materialized for me-because I WORKED FOR THEM!~Enjoy~