Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Update/This and That~

I haven't been around here too much. I have been thinking about you all and will catch up on your blogs today as I am on VACATION from work. YAY.

Sister is still here, she will be here until whenever. She is welcome to stay forever. She is doing OK despite the fact that she is being labeled the "bad guy" in her children's eyes for "leaving their dad". Yeah, OK.?! They just don't understand the reason(s) why she HAD to leave their daddy. I try to talk to them if they bring it up and they are stuck on "Daddy this, and daddy is that" and that's OK for now. She is safe and someday they will understand.

Prince is doing really well in school. The first report cards should be here this week and I shall see how well he is really doing. He gets up in the morning with no hassles, gets off to school EVERY DAY-without begging to stay home. I get no phone call or emails complaining about his behavior. He does his homework when I ask him. This is a 180 turn from last year and I am damned proud of him. He starts his culinary shop today for the next 4 days. YES culinary. He picked culinary, auto body and IT as his 3 shops that he wants to explore before picking a trade that he will study for the next 4 years. Damn proud I am.

Thanksgiving went well. I cooked my royal ass off and it turned out great. My momma taught me well. It was family and friends here, with no alcohol and no brawls. Imagine that.

Uncle Drunkle showed up on Turkey Day. He was sober as a newborn baby. And has been since his accident and hospitalization. I think God gave that ladder a "nudge" and brought him back to us.

My cousin Glen is finally awake! He is still critical but is awake and has been hospitalized with H1N1 since the beginning of November! He missed his 40Th birthday and Thanksgiving while in his swine flu coma. I truly thank you all for your prayers and kind words during this most difficult time. The prayers are working. God is so good.

I have been a shopping fool. FOOL I SAY! I ended up staying home on Black Friday. Missed my opportunity to make an ass of myself and beat up a bitch for a Zhu Zhu pet at my local Toys R Us. Oh YEA. That's the OLD Queen. See how easy it is to revert back to my craziness. At least I can see that now. I did do a LOT of online BF shopping though. I will be getting packages all week.

I need to clean this dump up so I can put up a damn tree and get through this "holiday" season. I pretty much do it for Prince. If not for him I would SOOOOO not bother with all that BS.

So yea, that's it for now. I need to get my ass to the bank before my Holiday/BF purchases bounce all the way back to the retailers who thought I actually had that kind of money to blow.

Oh-and I did all of this SOBER! QUEEN.........OUT


big Jenn said...

Oh I missed you! I'm glad things are going well and i hope prince's report card rocks!jeNN

Syd said...

I'm glad so many things are positive. You made me laugh out loud today....beating up a bitch for a Zhu Zhu pet. LOL.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

So glad to hear about Glen! That's just great news.

Love you,


Gabriella Moonlight said...

I'm with JeNN missed you as well, sounds like a wonderful kick ass holiday you had!!!

Great on Prince's work and the work that you've done to support him getting there!!!

xo Gabi

Kristin H. said...

Hey there, girlie. Good to hear that things are working out in your neck of the woods.

Have a great week(end)!