Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This and That

Wow I haven't written in a week and yet I don't have much to say. Hmmmm. Actually it's 2:39 am and I am packing for my trip to Lake George. The photo above shows the beauty I will be soaking in in just a few short hours! I should be sleeping but nooooooo. I am wide awake sweating my ass off smoking like a chimney doing laundry for the trip.

Its weird but my sister and I have been taking turns pulling all nighters. Sometimes its both of us. We just cannot sleep. The weather here JUST turned sticky and humid so that's not the problem. The evenings here have been perfect for sleeping until now.

I kinda sorta reconnected with one of POS sisters today. We have not communicated for about 5 years or so. At all. My son has been seeing her children at another aunts house. He asked me last night if he could go over their house and we set it up and I brought him over today. I ended up staying with him and we had a good time catching up. My only regret is that I did not officially make amends to her. There were kids everywhere and I never really got to speak to her alone. It really bothered me later that I did not make it a priority and "git er done". I will be sure to do it the next time I see her.

My sons sister has been posting wedding pics on her facebook page. The latest batch had a pic entitled "my family". I will give you ONE guess who was NOT INCLUDED in this lovely family photo. I am soooo glad my son does not have a facebook. Seeing this pic with my son excluded justified what I have been saying all along. They just don't give a rats ass about him. All the other players were in it. I am pretty much done with big sister. My son DID say to me " I don't think they want me to come over anymore". He is figuring it out on his own and I will help him deal with it as best I can. He has a mental illness and I think they just don't know (or don't want to)how to deal with it. They way they treat him you'd think he had think he had bubonic fucking plague.

So anywhooo.....I am going to go finish packing. jeNN if you want to hook up EMAIL ME DAMMIT. I think my email is on my profile. I will be back on Friday night. You all be good now. Have an awesome sober week, I know I'm gonna! QUEEN.......OUT


Indigo said...

Have a great trip hon. Unfortunately No, I don't live anywhere around the Lake George area. One of these days we'll get a chance to meet dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Syd said...

Queen, have a great trip. I hope that you soak up a lot of the serenity in that photo. I'm glad that your son is reaching an understanding. It's tough though to realize that there are people who are jerks in this world.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I want to hook up with you and JeNN...you all have fun! OH and that view is amazing.

Your family you can't speak for, it's completely their loss to not have your son in their life, mental illness or no, it's about respectfulness, they don't seem to get it that is ultimately their loss.

Many hugs,

Akannie said...

Hey 'Neenee,..

Have a great little vacation, sugarpie.

Screw those people...like Gabi said, it's definitely their loss. I just hate it too, when mean people hurt people....

I'll be thinking of you!!!