Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Post # 100

Well ladies and gentleman, I'd like to thank all my faithful followers and stalkers alike (ya- -I WISH) for hanging on with me as I ride this sometimes rocky journey of mine. Rocky as it is at times, it is a walk in the park compared to the old road I was on. I have enjoyed this online part of my recovery. I welcome all comments and opinions. It's amazing to me that some of the people like myself, who have been to hell and back through the years of abusing ourselves with alcohol and drugs, give the best advice you could ever get. It is greatly appreciated and I am so grateful that I have found this online recovery community.

What else am I grateful for?

I am grateful for the new attitude and new outlook I now have in life.

I am grateful for getting through last week without verbally or physically injuring former family members for the way that they treated my son.

I am grateful that I am FINALLY letting go some of that ANGER and RESENTMENT that I felt towards some people last week. OH ITS STILL THERE, but it lessens each and every day the more I pray for it to be lifted.

I am grateful that I had an awesome meeting at my home group tonight. GUESS WHO gets to lead the meeting for the next 3 months? Yours Truly.

I WAS NOT grateful for having to lead the meeting and did NOT want to attend tonight. HOWEVER, I was grateful once the meeting was over and it went without a hitch. WHEW.

Blast-O-Butter Popcorn.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to GO ON VACATION next week! We are heading to Lake George, NY. Any suggestions on good lodging would be welcomed and appreciated. Either that or I throw a dart at my monitor and that's where the Queen shall lay her head for the week.

I am grateful that you all didn't RUN FOR THE HILLS when you read the craziness in last weeks posts.

You all have a kick ass evening. I know I will. QUEEN......OUT

FYI-I hit spell check and they were NO MISSPELLINGS found. Maybe there IS hope for those old bruised and battered brain cells.


big Jenn said...

Are you planning on stopping near my neck of the woods on your trip? hope so!jeNN

diane d said...

Awesome list!!!!! Gotta have that Blast O Butter!!!

Sarah said...

Congrats on this momentous post!! I am so glad you started blogging, you are a great friend and a funny blogger.

Here's to another 100, bottoms up!!

Ok, bad alkie joke, lol.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...


You're one of the cool kids on the block...the pinky tuskadero of the blog world...

Living life without a helmet :)

Truly, you have helped me more than I can say, and I'm grateful for your transparency in you blogging.

Thank you!

Gin said...

Enjoy Lake George! My husband's uncle has a house on the lake. I would tell you to go crash there, but he's slightly "off" if you know what I mean. I would never do that to you! :-) Don't forget the popcorn when you go!

Tall Karen said...

Congratulations! I'm grateful you stuck around! Wonderful gratitude list today. Happy Wednesday!

Syd said...

Queen, it all sounds good to me. I think that we all ride the roller coaster of emotions. It just is good to finally get through the dreaded Tunnel of Darkness to the other side. I'm glad that you are here blogging. Thanks!

Patty said...

I lived my entire in NY and never made it to Lake George. Have a great time!

Kim said...

Honesty is the best policy! haha - you are too funny!

Akannie said...

WooHOO!!!! 100 posts!!!!!

You rock, as only the Queen of Everything can.

Enjoy your vacation.

Love ya, GF !!

Lou said...

Don't know about NY, but if you ever vacation in Detroit (ha,ha!) look me up.

Bill said...

You have a great blog, and I enjoy the way you express yourself.
I can't wait to read about your vacation adventures. I'm sure you will have a fun & slightly wacky week. Is your sister going, too?

Zanejabbers said...

KAWEENIE. I am so sorry to have missed last week, but I was at my sister's. Oh, Honey, let me tell you I don't think this ole queen would have been as gracious as you have been. A gift - one dead bouquet of roses for one tired ole couple on their special day. May you both be the thorn in each other's side. No I really would not have done that now, but in my day I sure as hell would have. Hope Son enjoyed the wedding. Sometimes girl you sound just like me. Love it. Enjoy your vac.
REDNECK FIRE ALARM - one pan of jolly pop nailed above the door. When the corn starts poppin get your ass a cracking.