Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today I am grateful for:
  • having God back in my life-

  • having relatively good health, now if I could just "make the decision" to stop smoking...

  • being able to let go and let God

  • my son. In many ways, that kid has saved my life~

  • my sister, I love her to pieces and wish her nothing but the best.

  • for patience ~ that I have been able to hold back and not kidnap her from her hell. I know she will "make her decision" when the time is right.

  • my awesome job, and the support of my coworkers.

  • my new girlfriends in AA, boy when we drunks clean up there's some pretty darn cool people under all that mess!

  • being willing and able to help those that want and need it.

  • I am happy to be sober and available for my son and his needs. I see much improvement and that is truly a miracle.

  • that I'm able to recognize these miracles happening all around me.

  • that these miracles are happening to ME and I kinda like that.

  • no stress in my life, yep thats right NONE-Let Go Let GOD~

  • for some pretty nice people I have met on blogger in the last few months, I truly enjoy reading all of your experience, strength and hope every day.

Thanks all of you for your kindness and prayers for Heather at "I've Got Poop In My Pocket". This is what I mean about all you cool people. I have not heard from her, she is still in my prayers and I hope she is ok. Heather if you read this, please email me when you get a minute.


Lou said...

That is what we are talking about!!

Akannie said...

Great list, Queen.
Not sure where I've been...oh what a spin I'm in..that old magic ... spring gardening!!!!!

So glad to hear the boyo is doing so well and that you are riding high on the waves of being a sober mom/friend/coworker/QUEEN !!!!!

Love ya, Girlie!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

You know my list could be your list and that's what makes us some pretty cool people indeed! Under the hot mess we're all pretty nifty! So glad you're here in the blogosphere!

Indigo said...

Wonderful gratitudes hon. I hope Heather is doing ok and gets ahold of you soon. (Hugs)Indigo

Bill said...

You are pretty darned cool. You're worthy of all those miracles.

Kristin H. said...

Hey girlie, great post. I love a Gratitude list. That's right! I capitalized it! 'Gratitude' deserves caps.

((big hug))

Syd said...

I'm glad to have met you through blogging as well. Thanks for being here.

Hurricane Heather said...

You are the most awesome Queen. The prayers of you and your brethren have been felt from far and wide. My journey is long, the trek is difficult, with no endgame in sight, but the three most important people in my life, staring me down, imploring my will to improve. Thank you, old friends, and new....thank you, thank you, thank you.
Hurricane Heather