Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Its About Time

I am feeling so stinkin' blessed today...somebody pinch me! It must be a dream. Naw don't pinch me yet.....I'm not done feeling yet!

I just got some GRRRRRREAT news from a family member. She has finally found a way OUT of a VERY dysfunctional household. My dearest, sweetest loving sister has found a place of her very own. YAY. It's not happening till June-but I do see it happening. She waited for the right opportunity and it arrived today and I couldn't be happier. God is so good.

My son is doing well. I got a call from his guidance counselor today and he is doing much better in class. He is putting out a good effort and that is HUGE compared to the last update. He is doing well at home as well. Between the new med (Abilify) and the warm weather he is a new kid. We take his illness like I do mine, one day at a time. It is much more manageable this way.

I am going to my Beach House meeting tonight. I love my homies. I see them elsewhere, in other meetings and around town but this is where we all get together and it is the absolute best group in AA. If you don't think that about YOUR home group-find another one. We have a business meeting tonight and that is usually pretty interesting. Tonight we elect new people for different jobs. Last time this happened one member freaked out because he couldn't chair. He's calmed down a bit in the last few weeks. We shall see if "him" comes out to play tonight. I will TRY to keep my mouth shut this time. I said TRY. So, I shall blog atcha's later. Have a blessed evening y'all. QUEEN....OUT


sober white women said...

I am so gtlad that you are feeling blessed today!

Akannie said...

Hey, girl...

Loving the sounds of you today !!

Have a ball at the Beach House meeting.


Fractalmom said...

blessed are the grateful.....LOL for they shall uphold their friends.

whoa!! that was DEEEEP. Guess I'd better get my ass to bed eh?

Sarah said...

Girl - I just love ya. We are like soul blogmates, lol!