Monday, March 30, 2009


Not too much to write about, but there is always GRATITUDE. I go over my gratitude list daily in my head, and well sometimes that just doesn't cut it. I find it's always more helpful in my recovery if I write it down. So I am going to list it here today-BUT I need to do this more often and on PAPER. You know that flat white stuff we used to actually put that pointy wooden stick with lead in it on and write things on? Yea-I need to to that. So today I am grateful for:

  1. My Higher Power

  2. My fellow recovering alcoholics-TRUE FRIENDS! YAY

  3. My Beach House meeting.

  4. My boy J of course.

  5. Both of us are in good health-with a few bumps in the road

  6. The fact that I can DEAL with bumps in the road today!

  7. My incredible job. I am so blessed. You don't even know the half of it.

  8. My family, hopefully I will see more of them since its's gettin warmer out!

  9. Spring-I absolutely LOVE this season.

  10. A fridge/freezer full of food that we will never manage to eat (note to self-hit the food bank on day off)

  11. Finances are in order.

  12. A warm house for me and my boy, it's not perfect-or what I want-but it will do for now.

  13. That I know God has a plan for me-and I just have to wait for Him to guide me.

  14. Those who have come before us in AA, our teachers. God bless em.

  15. That I have compassion for the sick and suffering. I will not turn my back on anyone who asks for help. EVER.

Oh and all of my fellow all ROCK. I will read ya later! QUEEN....OUT


sober white women said...

I love your list! Yes we all have stuff to be thankful for.

Syd said...

Great list. I feel a lot of gratitude today too.

Lou said...

You are the sweetest Queen of them all. If only everyone appreciated their blessings in this way, instead of whining like little girls.