Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beach House

This is the beautiful home that hosts my home group meetings every Tuesday night. Can you see why I am always so happy to go?? I am privileged to have the keys to the joint as well. Who would've thunk I would be the key holder to such a beautiful place? Certainly NOT me!

This is what you see when you exit the house and look to the right. The sunsets are gorgeous. I was a bit late to get a really good pic tonight. But it's still purdy, ain't it?

Another view - it's finally light out when I get there so I am able to snap a few pics. Even when it's dark in the middle of winter you can hear the surf and just the best sound in the world!

It is absolutely divine having this site for our meeting. Soon we will be having a picnic before the meeting. We are going to try to do that often-a bit of fellowship before the meeting. Pretty cool. Although it is nice having such a beautiful place to meet, it doesn't matter where you have a meeting. Get two of us together and BAMMO - you got yourself a meeting. That is the beauty of this program.


Syd said...

Lovely place. You are indeed fortunate to meet there and have that view.

Bill said...

That is a beautiful hunk of real estate. Could you just move in there? Would anyone notice?

You're right, though...it doesn't matter where we meet. One of the best meetings I've been to happened in a church parking lot when the keyholder didn't show up. A guy dragged big paint buckets out of his van for those who had to sit, and we gave out rocks from the parking lot instead of chips.

Lou said...

I can't believe they let a bunch of alkies in there! High class, I tell ya.