Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thank U God, its done

The big 13th birthday party is over and done. Whew. I busted my ass to get this house in order and to put the new gym together all by my lonesome, thank you very much. I am one tiiiied girl. I am still up as there are children playing Wii in my sleeping quarters-so I write.
The party went well, a mixture of my family and my exes family (minus the ex) and everyone got along quite nicely. I need to explain that I have not invited my exes family to ANYTHING in probably 5 years or more. This year I put my kids needs and wishes before my own and invited them and I was kinda surprised to have them all come! My son loves them, and he rarely gets to see them since he has the loser from hell for a dad-who never sees him never mind any of his family members. He is still out there slowly committing suicide with his drinking. All I can do is pray for him (if he drops dead and breaks my kids heart-I'll bring him back to life just so I can kill him).
So my sons' sister (from anutha mutha) and her new baby came tonight. This made my son a very happy tween. She is living here in town, but is moving to the windy city after the holidays. My son is crushed. This will be another "loss" for him. First his dad and now his sister and his niece. Because dear old dad left and never contacts him, he thinks that his sister will be gone forever as well. He suffers from bipolar disorder and depression and this news has hit him hard. I'm glad she showed. J (son) is so proud to be an uncle and it was awesome that he had her at his partay.

What I am grateful for today:

  • today I am sober
  • I have a happy child (today)
  • I have forgiveness from people I have harmed in the past
  • I have a great family who loves me unconditionally
  • I have great friends!
  • I have a roof over my head
  • I have a job I love
  • I have a clean house YAY!
  • I will remember my sons' 13th birthday party-forever-because I was sober!
  • I am grateful that I am able to be grateful
  • that I am learning how to LIVE again
  • for AA-aabsolutely saved my life
  • that I have 1095 days sober, one day at a time!
  • God willing I will celebrate 3 years on Monday the 17th of Nov.
  • that God is good to me
  • that I love me today


Barb said...

I am so so so so proud of you Denise.

And by the way .... we will just have to take yearly trips to the windy city to go visit Jonathon's niece ! ROAD TRIP. Love you

Sarah said...

Love your grateful list! It's nice to meet you, I'll stay posted!