Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm off

Its my day off and I begin my day by volunteering - yes - volunteering at my sons' school. Cause that's how I roll now. After that I need to do some shopping (YAY) since we will be celebrating his 13th birthday this weekend! I can still remember seeing that pretty blue strip on my pregnancy test confirming that yes indeed, this drunk was gonna be someones mommy! WTF! I remember saying NO WAY, I cannot do this. I can't have a kid in my life. When would I have time to drink? Thirteen years later, I can honestly say its the very best thing that could've happened to this alcoholic. This kid has given me a reason to live, a purpose. God bless him.

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ac said...

My experience... Raising kiddos: The hardest job you will ever LOVE.

Happy Birthday to your son, and good luck to you. ac