Friday, November 21, 2008

Fire Sale Anyone?

So I'm at work today and a co-worker peeks in my office and announces to me that our store is on fire, call the fire dept. WTF !!! Now mind you, just a few years ago-this would have been a dream come true for me. I hated my job and wished the dump would burn down. Today I kinda like being gainfully employed so I call 911. They told us to evacuate and so out to the parking lot we all go. Come to find out some dipshit disposed of some batteries improperly and they just started to blow up and shoot sparks everywhere, catching cardboard and what not on fire. Geez, what a smoky mess it was. FOUR HOURS later, we were allowed back in the store. Made for some awesome OVERTIME for me....Awesome as in, mo money for the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, I decided that I will battle all the bitches this year on Black Friday! How much fun will that be! I already have my list and my mace ready people. I will be bringing my sister Barb for backup. Together we will make a killing, yes I mean literally. If any of these twats think they're getting their mitts on that GPS I've had my eye on forever or the LCD HDTV I sooooooo want they got another thing comin! My cart will become a lethal weapon. So Ya'll better watch out! FUN!

I need to kick the boys off the Wii so I can go to sleep. My son is here and my nephew Bub is here. Lemme tell you a bit about this child. Having him over is a bit like living "Ferris Buehlers' Day Off".......without the day off. He is the same age as my son J, and has the best sense of humor of any 13 year old I have ever met. He has been cracking us up with his antics since the day he was born, I friggin love this kid.

Life is good. Can't wait to kick some serious ass on Black Friday. Peace

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Vivvy said...

He loves you too Mama Neen