Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catching up Time

Here's the low down on the Queen:

I'm still sober as a newborn baby. YAY.

I temporarily fell into a sort of funk for the last few weeks, but I am slowly digging myself out.

I did not have to drink over it. Double YAY.

It's so damn cold here and it's dark at like 5pm. I am sooooo done with winter this year. The snow needs to go the fuck away too.

I even started to slack off on my meetings, and all I could think of was how everyone who was lucky enough to make it back from a relapse say that it all started when the STOPPED going to meetings.

That was enough to scare me into gettin off my dead ass and going again.

I'm so glad I went to a meeting tonight. There was a newcomer there with barely one day of sobriety. She was shakin and quakin and it just reminds me of where I was and why I need to be there. It's not ALL about me, its about helping other sick and suffering drunks.

I picked up a treasurers commitment at one of my meetings. I have never held this position and I think its going to be good. Hell I manage a whole store's funds, AA can't be too bad.....or CAN it!?!?

I haven't been motivated enough to take my damn tree down yet. Maybe I will leave it up and decorate it according to the holiday du mois. Like this month I can decorate it with presidents, next month hearts for Valentines. ETC.

OK, whats up with the Japanese comments? I googled and translated what that assbag is commenting and it isn't pretty.

Hey at least he/she/it is reading recovery blogs. Maybe something good will rub off.

I appreciate some of you calling me out and asking where the hell I've been. All is good. I swear. I love you guys, I really do.

Well I need to go get my read on and catch up with y'all. Have yourselves a grand old evening-I know I will. QUEEN.....OUT


big Jenn said...

Missed ya girl!jeNN

Akannie said...

'Bout damn time too...I was just getting ready to get my big boots on and hike on up there and see what was up!!!

WooHoo!!!The Queen is BACK!!!!!

Lou said...

Glad to hear ya' are OK. Life gets hectic, and that can be good thing.

Think spring..LOL

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

Glad you're back.

Fractalmom said...

just waving hi !!!!

Syd said...

I'm glad that you are doing okay and going to meetings. Winter is a supreme drag right now. It is supposed to warm up a bit for the weekend so I'm going on the boat. I need to be on the water.

I think that the Japanese stuff must be from a porn site or one that sells ED drugs. I just hit the delete.

Bill said...

It's been rough getting up on the bitterly cold mornings to go to my 6:45 meeting. Some days I have to lash myself with a stick, but I figure I would have trudged through hip-deep snow for a bottle if I'd been out of liquor.
Glad you had a stern talk with yourself about getting back into the meeting routine. And you're right, there are newcomers showing up all over the place now that the holidays are over.

Kristin H. said...

Queen, honey, I'm glad you're back. I was starting to get worried.

And yes, winter needs to just f**king leave. I am SO over it.

Gabriella Moonlight said...

Missed you greatly, just felt like many the vortex of holidays got to you too! It happens, but so glad to see you're back and catching up. I love the idea of the monthly decorated tree, that's good, may have to try it.

Love ya

Sarah said...

OMG! TM fixed my computer, I can once again pull up your blog (some sort of virus had been preventing it from working for the last 2 months)!!!

I am so excited, I've missed you, girl!

I promise to stay in touch once again and give you my loyal, if unwanted, opinions! *tee hee* I'm so happy!

Hurricane Rojo said...

My Queen:

You are loved by many,

and you are loved by One.


Lisa said...

Don't give up.

Hurricane Rojo said...

My Queen:

Don't know where you are.
Don't know how you're doing.
Don't know if you're okay.

But I do know that you are missed and you are loved.

And if I had another hillbilly switchblade to send ya, well, ya know I would!

Please come back, in some form or another!

We all love you and we worry about you!

Your beloved Rojo

PS - Please don't make me come up there and Amber Alert your ass.....you YANKEES don't care for me very much. I think I've been tossed out of every state north of the Mason Dixon line.....