Monday, September 14, 2009

This and That-Update

Here's a bit of an update since I have been suckin at blogging lately.

  • I apologize for sucking lately. I know how I sit on the edge of my chair waiting for all of every one's updates and I'm SURE you have all been the same waiting on the Queen. Yea, something like that. HA!

  • Secondly, I want to let you know that my son is doing FANTASTIC in school. You know, the one where the spec ed department thought was too difficult for him after THE FIRST DAY. Yes, that one. He is doing FINE and really likes it. Sons-a-bitches.

  • Sister is still here, oh and her daughter is here too!!! haha. My niece is 19 years old and is a sweetie and she was having a hard time where she was living, so I have another house guest! WOOHOO. I think. LOL

  • I haven't been to a meeting in about a week and a half and I NEED to go, in fact-I'm gonna finish this and go make a coffee and head out to one tonight.

  • I am not gonna drink, but if I keep this shit up, well the statistics and the beaten down people I see when I DO go to meetings who went back out for more don't lie. I don't want, nor do I need that bullshit in my life again. Oh, HELL NO.

  • If Prince keeps dissin me he will be going to a very special know the one where they lock em in at night-JUST Sayin'.

  • Prince and my nephew (my son from anutha mutha) think lighters are cool and keep stealing them from me. I steal em right back, cause they are to stupid to hide them good enough. Oh, they also think swearing is OK. I do NOT like this age. It suck big ole donkey dick.

  • With that, my friends-I am off to my meeting. QUEEN......OUT


dAAve said...

just dropped in to see what condition your condition was in

Gin said...

Missed you! Enjoy that meeting!

sober white women said...

Go to your meeting! LOL I am glad that you are doing good.

Patrick said...

whoo-hooo, thanks for the update, you're sounding good!!

big Jenn said...

I'm so glad for the prince and school working out after all. I remember the nieghbor boys setting there yard on fire at about that age. The fire dept. showed up too!

On the swearing thing, um yeah, can I just say donkey dick.....jeNN

Syd said...

Glad that your son is doing well. That must be a relief. Enjoy your meeting. I missed several last week but this week I'm making up for that.

Tall Kay said...

Very funny update! I can just hear the 'ahhhh' as you sink into your seat at that meeting tonight!

Sarah said...

Glad you're alive!!!

Stay in touch better, sista.

Just sayin'.

kel said...

Im thinking your sone must be... 14? The lighters, the swearing, I know it all too well... My 14 year old just started HS, hold onto your hat!

Akannie said...

....and Queen's world is back on it's axis...spinning just the way it should.

Go, girl.

Hurricane Rojo said...

My Beloved Queen:

I HAVE to know.
Where the HELL do you get your cartoons that you post everyday?

I LOVE the "You Suck" "Blow Me" one.

May I 'steal' it from you?

I nearly pooped myself.