Monday, August 31, 2009

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease

Isn't that what "they" say? I have been on the internet all weekend looking into the special education laws in my state. I am educating myself because I must. I must be an advocate for my son. It's what we as parents do. Well, it's what I do anyway. I feel the school was wrong in sooo many aspects of what went down the other day. Now I KNOW they were. I wrote emails over the weekend to various members of the school. I requested an emergency meeting. I requested a copy of Princes school records. I heard NOTHING today. That is UNTIL I wrote a letter to the State Department of Education and let them know that I know what Princes rights are and I did not want to have to go all legal on them if I didn't have to. Not to worry, I said it in a very professional way. I used the help of a very informed and helpful parent advocate. Unfortunately, she and many others have been in the same situation and have had to fight for their children's rights. I got an IMMEDIATE (20 minutes) response. A phone call from the woman who made the decision to remove my son from his new school.

I have my emergency meeting on Thursday and more importantly Prince CAN RETURN TO SCHOOL TOMORROW. This is a victory indeed. BUT, I still have a fight on my hands. I will have to convince them that he can succeed in their program albeit with accommodations that were agreed upon at a prior meeting with the new school. Prince needs to be on his BEST behavior when he returns. Or it is all for naught. I certainly hope not, but he is pretty excited to be going back. He has NEVER been excited about any aspect of school before. He has been asking me since this happened, "Mom, when can I go back." It's heartbreaking. Yea, he screwed up. He is a child with emotional disturbances. You'll have that. But he knows that this is it. If he truly wants this then he needs to act like it. I have been praying on it constantly.

I know they will be watching him like hawks. I pray that he can keep it together enough to pass their trials. It's not over though. His behavior until Thursday's meeting is a HUGE part of it. I have had the talk with him and he knows this. Then there is the meeting on Thursday, one in which we will determine what accommodations he will need and if they can provide them(by law they must, I know this cause Iz edu-muh-kat-did). There will be the determination by the administration whether or not they still want to send him to our local high school. But if they do decide this, they know Queenie ain't scerred and will fight them tooth and nail. Cause that's what kind of Mom I am. QUEEN......OUT

P.S. I am still sober(thank you God), when I am through fighting for my kids rights I will blog about that more!


Hurricane Heather said...

Choose the battles you know you can win.

You are not alone.

Patty said...

Happy he gets another chance. You go Girl!!

Susan DeAngelis said...

Heather's advice is awesome. Did you try calling your local councilperson, as well. Also boces is hip to the education laws.

You're right to educate yourself, before you go in.

You're in my prayers.

Syd said...

Being educated about the facts and using them is powerful. Glad that he is allowed back. And I hope that it works out for him.

Akannie said...

You GO, Mama.

I'm right behind need back-up? You got it.

I admire you and your intestinal fortitude when it comes to dealing with this stuff with the Prince. Keep doing what you're doing...these folks ain't gonna know what hit 'em!


Chunks of Reality said...

Congrats on being sober still. :)

You are doing great for your children and I can't wait to hear about the meeting today.

Keep us posted!