Saturday, August 29, 2009

So Let The Battle Begin

I had a PPT meeting at my princes new school on Friday. The first day of school was on Thursday. This meeting was scheduled a few weeks ago and at the time I thought *wow* they are really on the ball up there, wanting to get started on the right foot. I was excited to get to that meeting and get this chapter of his high school career started. Now by my last post you can see that my prince did not have the best of first days. Apparently there was an incident that included swearing. It was over quickly and prince regained his composure on his own and that was it. When prince got home he was GUSHING with excitement over his first day at school. You need to know that this has NEVER happened. He went on and on about everything he did and saw and about everything he wanted to accomplish. He was even saying how he wanted to stay after school and work out in the gym and start to get into shape. He was so excited and I was happy for him. School has been very difficult for him for as long as I can remember. The next morning he got up on his own, dressed and hit the street to catch his bus as I was just getting up for the day! He was THAT excited.

Cut to PPT meeting the following morning. I arrive at the school and am escorted down to the meeting room by the Special Ed Department head of the school. The door opens and there they all are. All of the administrators and-oh who is that over there, oh that would be MY SON. My bipolar, severely depressed w/anxiety disorder son. Greaaaaaaaat.

I should tell you that the student is always invited to join in these types of meetings. My son usually opts out. He later told me that he was not asked, he was just taken out of class and brought down there. We begin this meeting and I can tell that he does NOT want to be there. He started getting nasty and there was MORE swearing and he was pretty much removed and put in the next room.(with supervision). Prince does NOT DO WELL with strangers and especially when these strangers are gathered around a conference room table discussing HIM.

So to make a long story short, the administrators that were present in that meeting came to the conclusion that they were not equipped with the resources that my son needs and they recommend that he be sent back to our local high school. They did not even want him to finish that day. I had to take him home and TELL him that he was not welcome back. We both cried and he is crushed. I have been on suicide watch ever since. He said to me, "Mom , this was the best thing that ever happened to me and now I just want to die."

I had him write a letter of apology to the school for his behavior in the meeting. I have also requested an emergency PPT. I feel that they are discriminating against him because of his disability and I will fight for him. I am his mother and his advocate and will fight with all my might for him to be given a chance to prove that he can make it. I think that one day and 2 class periods is not enough of a chance to prove that he can indeed succeed in their school. Wish me luck in this battle. I am just sick over this and I have been reading up on his rights as a disabled individual and they are clearly in the wrong. I just hope I have what it takes to take them on. I'm going to try my damnedest. Queen....OUT


Pam said...

Do it.
Even if it doesn't work, so that you don't have to sit there 20 years later wishing you would have (like me).

Susan DeAngelis said...

Oh my -- this is so incredibly sad. You and your son are in my prayers.

It's such a shame that there isn't something at that school to captivate his interests.


Lou said...

If anyone can take them on, it's you.
Go with your gut, that is all the proof you need to get started.

Hurricane Heather said...

i will pray for you, my Queen.
You can take them.
I know you can.
This is NOT the hardest battled you have ever fought in your life.
There is strength in weakness....


sober white women said...

Last year they had Ryan come to his. I looked at his principal and said "do you eally want him here?" she sent him back to class. LOL

Syd said...

I hope that he will be given another chance. I'm sure that this has been difficult for you and for him. Best of luck with it.