Sunday, June 14, 2009

Slumlord Part Deux

So first of all, HELLO all. I have been around but back to work and busy-busy-busy! I have been reading you all. In fact I am getting quite addicted to blogger land here. Not just here but all kinds of blogs. Hell, its better in comparison to what I USED to be addicted to sooooo-I really need to get a damn life. Haha.

So I am gonna include the much anticipated pics that I promised. To be totally honest with y'all I couldn't find the stinkin' camera! This house has been in more of a disarray than usual and I tucked it away so the kids couldn't get their grubby little hands on it and I FORGOT where the hell I put it. I have one good brain cell left and its been on overload lately so forgive me. OK, so while I was going through these pics I was HORRIFIED at how bad things actually look(ed) before the changes I have made. What a fucking dump. These pics depict what I was settling for until I grew a set and said FUCK THIS NOISE and did what slumlord assbag wouldn't. The more I looked the more pissed I became. How dare he deny my request for improvements, wait till you see the before and afters. Keep in mind that these are the immediately before and immediately after shots. Because I am a dumb ass and couldn't find the camera there are no TOTALLY finished pics YET. So here goes, without further adieu.....

Click on any of these to see the grossness up close and personal.

Here is the BEFORE shot of my floor that slumlord wanted to fix by "replacing a few tiles"

I can't believe I lived with that for as long as I did. Now here is the New and Improved Floor during the installation.
Better? You bet your sweet bippey it is. Holy hell what a difference. OK are you ready to see what slumlord thinks is a "new" appliance? Here is the stove. It had NO handle on the door and the seal was broken on the oven so I could not clean it properly. The oven door didn't close all the way either and you can see the burn marks on the inside of the door as a result. I only used the stove top for the longest time. OK here it is-Old stove-
I can hear the gasps and the "ewwws" all the way here. Haha. OK so here is my purdy new one. Nothing spectacular but its pretty new, the price was right (thanks SIL) and its MINE!

Like I said its DURING the floor install so forgive the mess! OK I think I saved the "best" for last. I don't know it's all pretty bad. This is my "new" to slumlord old refrigerator. I can't believe I kept my food in here. Needless to say we ate out quite a bit.
This is a shot of the front. Those brownish marks you see are spots of rust. It was there when I moved in and got progressively worse over time. The fridge was so bad it deserves 2 before pics. The next one is of the bottom of the fridge. ewww.

Fucking Nastiness. So my NEW fridge is SOOOO large I am having a hard time gettin' a shot of it! Here is the best I have at the moment. It is beautilocious! It does everything except sexually satisfy yer Queen. That's a lie, I get all hot when I get near it, I really do. I love it!
I can't even tell you how much happier all this newness makes me. It ain't much but it's mine. And now I have a bathroom to paint. Well it's not as simple as a paint job here in the hood. I need to finish taking the wallpaper off and then do something with the walls. I won't even go into the issues with my toilet. Or my furnace. Or my garage. Or the condition of the outside of the entire house. I will save that information for a later post. So I will close with a pic of the assbag slumlord himself, removing the old appliances. I wonder if he took them home and put them in the wife's kitchen? Hmmmm?? Yea, I don't think so. Have a superb evening you cool ass buncha drunks......QUEEN OUT


Hurricane Heather said...

Get your ass to Florida and help us with our flooring! You guys did a great job! Awesome!

sober white women said...

Everything looks great. You can do anything you put your mind to!

Patrick said...

Your new stuff looks great! Loved the post, you say things the way they are...makes me grin.

dAAve said...

New and improved. In so many ways.

Bill said...

All of your new stuff looks splendid.

Your slumlord must be a colossal ass, because it looks like there are two of him. Too much assyness for one body, I reckon.

Syd said...

Awesome stuff that you got. Like the new fridge a bunch. And the photo of the landlord...priceless.

Patty said...

Great job, Queen! I bet you just love coming home from work to your new floor and appliances. I am very,very happy for you!

Akannie said...

You ROCK!!, Queen-ma-tron! (That doesn't look right...supposed to look like Spazz-ma-tron, only with a queen. Here, maybe dashes will help).

Anyway...good for you on getting what you deserve. Screw that old turd!

Love ya, Girl! Akannie

Vivvy said...

" Assbag " hahahahaha

Fractalmom said...

total satisfaction is a wonderful thing!!