Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dentist and School~Doesn't get more boring than this!!

My life is kind of boring, welcome to my world. So let me bore you with some highlights from my week.

I had a tooth filled. I went to the dentist to get a different tooth checked out and they discovered a brand spanky new cavity on the back side of my front tooth. Hooray! I couldn't get them to fill that fucker fast enough. When I get a cavity, I have to get it treated QUICK because for some reason my teeth deteriorate pretty quickly if I don't.

Can y'all picture the Queen with a missing FRONT tooth. I bet you could, I would really look like that awful pic I had posted. EW. I would be even more of a loser magnet than I am now. If that's even possible.

I had a meeting with my son's school. Apparently my son has decided to do NOTHING in class for the past few weeks. Nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Nice. His grades went from C's and better in EVERYTHING to 4 F's in the past month.

Now let me back up the old school bus a bit and explain a few things. I am a mom who is VERY involved in my sons' education. They know this. The staff and I are on a first name basis. Before school started I REQUESTED a meeting with the new team of teachers and administrators, yada, yada. We did indeed have this meeting. At this meeting I told everyone present that I want to know IMMEDIATELY if there is a problem with J. With his behavior, school work, anything. I don't want to know when he has F's on his progress report for Christ sake! He has NEVER had an F or a D on any progress/report card! Never!

I don't want to know there is a problem with his behavior when you are calling in a goddamn police youth officer (like they did 2 years ago) Maybe I'm a dumb ass, but if things have gotten this far then THERE ARE PROBLEMS THAT NEED TO BE DISCUSSED WITH HIS MOTHER!

So this is what the little shit has been doing. He had a problem with Mr. Gym Teacher and he started going to the Guidance Office(G/O) during gym, which was not a big deal at the time. I was notified about that. Well I guess little by little, J has been going to G/O during regular classes. He sits there and reads and they were ok with that I suppose. (Part of his IEP plan is that the G/O is his "safe" place to go when he is feeling overwhelmed in class) But COME ON. It got so bad, he was spending a good part of his school day in there! Shame on them for allowing it, and shame on J for taking advantage. So they just let him sit there and do NO school work. Nice.

His special ed teacher is a dunce, I swear. Nice enough man but he lets J walk all over him. He said J won't do any work for him so he just lets him read instead of work. WHAT? The past two years J has had 2 other spec ed teachers and it wasn't all peaches and cream with them either, but they were able to motivate J and he would work for them. I believe this is their JOB. Those 2 ladies he had were amazing. The school psychologist and I spoke later and she is very disappointed in the way he just lets my son do nothing, and doesn't even try to work with him. UGH! So the new plan is Mommy gets to help Jonathon with his assignments because he WILL work for me. I will sick my brother on him, believe me when I tell you all I have to do is threaten to call his uncle and he will do it.

I am beyond pissed that they let it get this far without notifying me. I bought J's counselor with me to this meeting. She told me she was impressed at how I was able to keep my cool in this situation. Later on the school psychologist told me the same thing. The old Denise would have definitely ripped a few of them new assholes. OR I would not even have cared because I was only worried about gettin my drink on. But, now that I sober and all, we devised a plan to try to get him productive again. It turns out that plan is ME. Mom. I get to work with him at home. He is on vacation this coming week, but I have a nice packet of assignments he needs to do while he is on vac! Hmmm. I wonder if the town will send me a check for doing the spec ed guy's job? The school is going to make sure that there is always work available for him to do when he goes to visit G/O as well. He is going to be told if he can't be in class he still needs to do whatever assignment they give him. If he still continues to refuse to work, I will pick up those assignments and he can do them at home. It's gonna put a serious crimp in his leisure time at home.

Now this kid of mine is diagnosed bipolar. I know he is struggling. But he is very intelligent and it is not work that he doesn't understand. I will help him as much as I can. But he is in such a funk that he cannot seem to get out of. He tells me he's angry and has been for a month or so, And he doesn't know why. He is also 13 and the Puberty Fairy has been visiting lately. He's got a lot going on for such a young boy. It hurts me to know he's got all that going on, but he must get at least a high school education to be able to succeed in this life. I will do my damdest to see that he get a diploma!

Its getting late~The Queen needs her rest. Good night my fellow blogger buddies. Queen OUT.


Syd said...

It sounds like another failure by the school system. I hope that the "boot camp" works. It is old school but most effective. I can remember being in fear of my teachers. Maybe it's time to bring those hair spray helmeted ladies back.

Viv said...

He will come around because he has you. LOVE YOU

Kids do this sometimes it happens.

J-Online said...

Love the new picture queenie!

Oh man, I'm sorry you and your son are going through this. I remember at 13 (before I was diagnosed with any mental illness) having no energy. I couldn't concentrate, didn't want to be around people ect. Now this certaily isn't an excuse for bad grades. It is the school's responsiblity to work with you and let you know when your child is having issues. At least that is how it is in TX. Good luck sweetie. Thinking of you and your family. Jenn

Ann H. said...

I had a thought, and this is what I would do for my kid, so I did it (ya, i'm really good at this mom thing, right?). Anyways, I googled "bipolar celebrities) and on the first page there was a list... Buzz Aldrin, Abe Lincoln, Beetoven (sp). Maybe just to say, 'you're not alone, it is possible to be anything you want, yes you do have to work harder at it but that's ok..." just a thought...

Lou said...

You're on it, Mom! I think teachers run the gamut, from great to awful. Doesn't the school do online reports from each teacher on a daily basis? All the schools here have that now, even elementary.
At least you caught it before he got further behind.I hope you can figure out what is really bothering him.

Indigo said...

Paul(my other half)is a teacher's aid that works with kids like your son. He's always motivating his kids to do what they can. He gets frusterated at one or two of the teachers, for simply sitting there handing out assignments and not caring if the kids need help are doing the work. The teachers aids get just as bad, they keep giving him more and more responsibilty and he comes home and says I'm only one person. He's seen first hand how the school system seems to be letting kids down here and there.

Is there any possibility they can assign him a teachers aid in school. Someone that is in each class to help him get his work done and motivate him. I'm sorry you have all this on your plate hon.

I do agree it has to be easier to deal with sober. (Hugs)Indigo