Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So I get a phone call from my "sponsee" (<--- side note: I'm so friggin proud of myself that I finally figured out how to do this lol) today. I haven't heard from her in about a week. She asked me if I was going to a meeting tonight, and asked if I could come and get her. She told me she was having a really bad day and really needed a meeting. When I arrive to pick her up, she's covered in bruises, fat lip-she looks like hell. Her "fiancee'" got drunk and beat the shit out of her. She is embarrassed and doesn't want to go, but I convince her that she will feel better after the meeting. So off we go, the first person who comes in looks at her and says "Hey roadkill, what the fuck happened to you?" This woman tells it like it is-says what she means. So it was no surprise that she said that to Jen. It cracked us all up, even though there is no humor in what she had been through. But it did make Jen feel more comfortable, being out in public with a face that looked like fucking hamburger.

So Jen, Alice (the blunt lady) and I sit together once the meeting begins. As I am listening to everyone share, I begin to notice a familiar, nasty smell. NAH, it can't be. OH Yes it can, I smell booze and its coming from Jen. The break comes and I notice Jen has DEFINITELY been drinking. DAMMIT. After our cigarette break (which ended up with her crying and wanting to die because she thinks she' worthless) we went into the kitchen. I told her I know she's been drinking and she is NOT worthless. I told her she needed to stay away from her abuser and if she wants help, I am here for her. By the time the meeting was over and we were on our way home, she was wanting the call her loser BF. You can't reason with a drunk, so I didn't. I have plans with her tomorrow-so hopefully we can keep her sober for a bit. Long enough to be able to talk some sense into her.

The flashback I had about this whole experience is that I HAVE LIVED EVERY SINGLE THING this young lady is going through. The physical abuse, the drinking before/during a meeting, the going back for more bashing. The wanting to die, the hopelessness. I believe there is hope for her. I am living proof. I lived it, and I conquered.


ac said...

It takes a lot of commitment to be a sponsor. I think you are awesome for taking that on! Blessings to you. ac

Sarah said...

OMG, what a situation! I hope everything turns out well for you and for her. Good luck and God bless.

Cat said...

I think you are the perfect sponser for her having been there - she could probobly identify with you!!!

Have a good holiday!