Friday, November 13, 2009

H1N1 hits in Queens family

Yup, I am here to tell you that H1N1 has reared its ugly head in my family. A very young cousin (39) of mine is critically ill right now. Fighting like mad for his life. He became ill late last week and went to the hospital with a fever of 105 on Saturday. They admitted him and put him in intensive care. They tested him and it came back positive for H1N1. He was put on a slew of antibiotics and they still could not get him stable. His kidneys were shutting down. His fever would not come down. As soon as he was stable enough, they flew him to Yale New Haven Hospital and he is now on dialysis and is still critical but is showing teeny signs of getting slightly better.

This man has a great life and a wonderful family. He has three children and a beautiful wife. He IS fighting. He is a strong man. He's got to make it. He just DOES. His family needs him. Please pray for my cousin Glen.

Please my beloved blogger buddies, take the precautions that the officials recommend. Hand washing is a MUST. Hell I wipe down my work area-phones, counters, keyboards-EVERYTHING. Everyday. Before Glen even got sick. This is a SERIOUS virus. Keep yourself and your family safe by doing those simple recommendations that you have been reading about. It could be you or your family in that bed tonight. This virus does not discriminate. Take care friends.....Queen....OUT


Syd said...

I'm sorry to read this. I hope that Glen recovers. Take care of yourself.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

God be with Glen and his family!

Anybeth said...

I hope he gets better soon, glad that he's got intensive medical care.

My recipe for staying healthy so far this year has been: gym, vitamins, sleep, repeat.

Lot's of grapefruit and orange juice, and handwashing.

So far I've been OK (knock on wood).
Have a healthy weekend!

Tall Kay said...

I am so sorry to here this. I am saying a prayer for Glen and his family right now. Thanks for the reminder to take extra good care during this flu season. I hope he has a complete recovery...and soon!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I hope that he gets well and recovers quickly, am sending healing energy.

I do the same thing too I wipe down everything at work, I use a Neti pot every day and I am very much okay with being overly clean! LOL!

Stay healthy and be well!!!
xo G

Patrick said...

I hope Glen recovers, and quickly.

My eldest kid had it, this is a very tough virus.

Lou said...

I wipe the phones, mouse, etc at work down with those little alcohol preps. I don't care if people at work think I'm weird!

Hope by now, Glen is out of the woods.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I will pray and light a candle. You are in my thoughts.