Sunday, October 18, 2009

How Y'all Dewin?

I am doing pretty good. I have been a bit busy, but that's NO excuse for not keeping up here in blogger land. I have been in reading and commenting here and there but I need to get back to regular blogging. I love it here and it is an important part of my recovery and just like my meetings I can't let it just slip away. We all know what complacency leads too. But I am really doing well. Here is a bullet list for ya~

  • I went to an awesome meeting tonight. Cold and rainy but shit that NEVER stopped me from going to the damn packy so off I went.

  • Prince is doing soooo good in school. He is really trying his best. He missed making up a test on Friday after school and he emailed his teacher ON HIS OWN to apologize and reschedule. I didn't even know he knew HOW to do this!! (email)

  • Sister is fine and so is my sweet little (19 yrs old) niece. Its nice to have people around here for a change. At one point today you would have thought it was Christmas with all the relatives that were here. Cool. Really Cool!

  • It actually SNOWED here the other night. And my heat does not work. But we just bundled up and turned on a few space heaters and I had my little shit of a dog to snuggle up with and nobody froze to death.

  • Oh - this one is GOOD. I ran into my FIRST EVER BOYFRIEND in my regular Tuesday night meeting. HA! When I told him who I was he freaked out (in a good way) and he said " I had the BIGGEST crush on you". Ha, well OF COURSE HE DID!

  • My big brother (Uncle Drunkle) is out of the hospital and I am happy to report that he has not had a drink since he was released! YAY. Don't know if he is going to stick with it, but for now this is definitely a good thing and he feels great.

  • I am kinda gettin pissed that for some reason I cannot seem to copy and paste from one blog to another. Anyone else having this problem?

  • The other day I had a button pop off of my jeans. Then, the zipper went on another pair. While I was at WORK. I had to keep hiking up my draws all damn day. It was real attractive. I wish my damn dryer would STOP shrinking all my damn clothes!!! Yea, that's what it must be, THE DRYER. It could NOT be the Blasto-O-Butter popcorn that I consume every freakin day, nope that's not it.

Well you all have a kick ass evening and I will see you soon.....Queen.....OUT


Indigo said...

Loved seeing a post from you hon! Sounds like Autumn has been a smiling season for you.

The biggest surprise is the Prince taking responsibility for his own actions. I was shocked to read he emailed his teacher himself. That is definitely something to be proud of. (Hugs)Indigo

Gin said...

Sounds like you are doing good. I am so happy to hear about your brother. A step in the right direction...

diane d said...

Yay!!!! about your uncle!!

And, hey!! I think my dryer must be the same brand as yours because it does the EXACT SAME THING!!

Syd said...

Glad that all is going well and that your son is doing well in school. Stay warm!

Hurricane Rojo said...

I gave you an award. The naked big ass sealed the deal. Go to my blog to pick it up.

Queenneenee said...

Heather darlink~I saw that lovely award and will pick it up as soon as I can figger out why I can't cut and paste it! UGH.