Saturday, May 23, 2009

Me and The Cussies

Oh Hell, it's 3am and I'm still awake so here I am. I have read the news, my frequently visited websites, played cards and here I am still. Jeeezhus H Christ. I have been working nights all this week, getting out at 10pm so there you go. This is my problem. Its totally screwing with my sleep schedule. I said I have been working night-just for this week. A few of my people(yes I HAVE people) are on vacation so I volunteered to do some nights. Then came this week and I was like, Shiiiiit - I don't really WANT to do this now!!! Reason being, people generally SUCK. Working with the public SUCKS. I live in Connecticut and believe me when I tell you there are some pretty frikken rude ass people in this state. My "normal" job entails working in an office behind the scenes, doing my accounting thing all day. I love it. What I had to do this week is stand behind a counter and kiss major ass to customers all week. I am NOT a good ass kisser. NOPE. I have one more night to work tomorrow and the nightmare will be over. Well I THOUGHT it would be a horrible experience-but miraculously it has been not so awful! I must say these people (customers) have been quite nice, not one of them got out of line with me. No name calling. No fist fights between them in line(yep-it's happened). Not even a scammer. We usually get lots of those. I have had the BEST conversations with some very nice people. Mostly elderly folks. Really, sweet~sweet~sweet people. I was on my best behavior and was kind to all of my cussies (customers HA!) and they were kind right back. I am also getting to know my night people a bit better and that's a plus as well. So to wrap it up I have to say that I would probably do it again but NOT on a full moon week. OH HELL NO. They are at their worst during a full moon.

OK lets really wrap it up now with a bit of gratitude shall we?

  • for J, my wonderful son...who mowed the lawn with no argument yesterday!

  • for having my energy back, depression sucks big donkey dick

  • a wonderful family, who I may get together with this weekend since the yard is lookin' all nice

  • a great job, and nice cussies this week

  • for being sober today, I liked it so much I may try it again tomorrow!

  • for my SIL (sista-in-law) who though of me when selling her almost new fridge and stove. I need both and will be buying them from her~pretty cheep too! YAY

  • for my continued awesome realaionship with God, without Him none of this would be posssible. NONE.

Have yourselves a kickin' Saturday, and a safe and happy holiday weekend! QUEEN....OUT


Gin said...

I work with customer's all day long at work. Usually the ones I enjoy the most are the older ones too. The only thing is that most of them are really hard of hearing and I have to yell so they can hear me.

I feel really bad screaming at the top of my lungs to a little ole' lady and her frail lil' husband with their 50 year-old blind poodle.

Besides, the rest of the my co-workers can hear me screaming away and they think I'm nuts.

Have a great weekend! Hope it's a relaxing one.

Anybeth said...

"depression sucks big doneky dick". Bwahahaha! I love you!

Ann H. said...

Lol, ok chickie, I did not sleep well last night either, I finally slept at 3 am... which sucked. It sounds like you are doing great! People actually fight in line? Do you work at the dollar store or something??? ;-)

Sarah said...

Totally feelin ya on the sleepless late nights. It's definitely not fun.....

Gabriella Moonlight said...

I can't stand sleepless nights...I don't think that Conneticut folks are the only rude ones I work all day with rude folks...they are wearing and terrible...I wish somehow that etiquette was required in school!

Thank you for this post!!!

Vivvy said...

Big Donkey Dick? I dated him

sKILLz said...

Yo Queen Whats poppin?
Hope you had a banging Weekend and enjoyed the time off (if you got any)
Yes I hate people as well as I say over and over...
Yes I have things to be grateful for and I need to keep that up front!
Have yourself a kickin weekend!
Stay Up!

Indigo said...

Love the gratitude! And for the record I'm horrible at ass kissing, I'm more likely to get mine booted. (Hugs)Indigo

Akannie said...

Aww....ain't it amazing how people and work changes when we get sober ??

I been AWOL and missing you girl!

Big Sloppy Smoochies, Anniek

BTW--I used to say "sucks big donkey dick" all the time!!!! REALLY !!! Until I shocked a little old lady who overheard me into a heart attack...*wink

Syd said...

It sounds like a good experience with people being nice back at you because you were nice. Amazing how that works. I love how you write and think.