Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Asking for Help

This is something I hardly ever do. I was going to write " hardly ever need to do" and I backed up and took out the need part. As you may have read on an earlier post my baby daddy lost his job yet again. The only thing that affects me and my son when he is jobless is the medical insurance. My son is on a lot of EXPENSIVE meds. To be exact it is $1550.95 per month kinda expensive. That means my insurance will cover some of that but will max out pretty soon. That loosah needs to get another job and soon. In the meantime I have to ask for help from the state I live in. I am told that the non-custodial parent (him) with a court order stating he has to provide medical insurance (got it) is eligible to for this state insurance. I have printed out the application and will provide an envelope and a postage stamp for this ass wipe of a father and he had better fill it out and send it in. All he has to do is fill it out and mail it. Ya wanna know what I think (know) he will do? He will not fill it out because he doesn't give a shit. It's a shame. I called one of his sisters and told her of the plan he needs to apply for and to please inform him about it. She said she would, but I KNOW HIM TO WELL. If he thinks (which he does) that it will benefit me in any way, he won't do it. Not for one millisecond will he consider that it is for HIS SON and not me. Pretty sad. But he is dealing with the Queen bitch and I do have a plan B. Oh yes I do. Child support enforcement does not like baby daddy's who do not comply with court orders. I would rather NOT take that route but don't mess with my child's' health. I hope he complies-but I doubt it.
I went to an awesome meeting tonight that was having anniversary night. The celebrants had a range of sobriety from 6 to 37 years! Two or maybe three of them had 30+ years. I won the raffle which was for a subscription to the Grapevine. If you have never read this magazine y'all should. It's an AA publication and I was soooo happy I won it. You can only win so many bumper stickers ya know?
Well it's way past my beddie bye boos time, not beddie bye booze like it usta be THANK YOU GOD. You all have a rockin' Tuesday. QUEEN....OUT


dAAve said...

I really hope the insurance problem works out the way it should.

Syd said...

Queen, you make me smile. I hope all works out with your son's meds. But there is always plan B from the Queen Bee.

Gledwood said...

I'm saying nothing about the American healthcare system except I really don't understand the logic in all that! I hope things get sorted SOON.

sober white women said...

My girls have state aid medical. You should go down and fill out the papers. Then the system will see that the ex is suppose to carry the ins. and that he does not do it. It really is not that hard.
Also you need to contact some of the drug companies that supply your son's drugs. A lot of them are giving them out for free.
If you need more help or have any more question please e mail me or send me a note on face book

Lou said...

I'm praying he does the right thing. If he doesn't..my state does that income tax refund withholding thing. Problem with that--you might not get it right away.

Bill said...

One of the groups I attend has a Grapevine story meeting each week. It's a nice change of pace. One story a month or so ago mentioned the fatal nature of our character defects, which has stuck with me.

Turn his ass over to Child Support Enforcement, and keep your emotions and serenity on an even keel. Don't give him the chance to toy around with you.
Obviously, the stories' messages haven't entirely sunk in yet.

big Jenn said...

My daughter's father never had to pay one dime of child support. He only went to see her in the hospital once in her entire life. THAT is a looser! It's a long sorted story... Anyway, you go girl, don't let the A--hole off the hook!jeNN