Tuesday, April 21, 2009

As The World Turns

That's what my life feels like right about now. I just got back from the hospital and my uncle has been moved from ICU to a private room. More privacy for him and his family. I think I heard someone mention that he has maybe 2 more days to live. Incredibly sad.

Before I went to the hospital I was on my way to my Tuesday night Beach House meeting. You know, the best AA meeting ever! Well I got a phone call from my brother. I have 3 brothers, and this one NEVER calls me. So I though oh shit, this is it. THE call saying my uncle had passed on. But it wasn't. He called me and said "you'll never guess who is in the ICU in the room next to Uncle Donny." He was right, I had no idea. It is none other than my ex, more commonly known here in Queens World as POS. I was going to go to the hospital after my meeting but with not knowing why Mr. ex was in ICU I headed over there after making the coffee. I needed to know as he IS my sons dad and if he was on his way out I need to know. So I get there and visit with my uncle and then I popped in on POS and spoke with his nurse. Apparently he fell in the shower (drunk of course) and broke a rib. Well I ask her why is he in ICU for a broken rib and she said he is detoxing (and seizing) and they have to monitor him closely. She was very kind to tell me anything since I am nobody to him, but she knows we have a child together and answered my questions. I guess he's being an ass and giving them a hard time. You know, like we detoxing drunks do! So anyway, I visited with him for a bit and he was pretty sedated but he recognized me and even asked me where his girlfriend/drinking buddy was. How the hell do I know?

I hope this will be his last run but I don't think it will be. He seems to be pretty hopeless. He knows where the meetings are and I hope he does get well, but as we all know it is up to him. But I think its pretty WEIRD that he ended up in there when my family is there as well. He better hope some of my family members don't run into him, cause he'll be staying a helluva lot longer if they do!


Indigo said...

Sad as it is about your Uncle, I still had to smile after that last statement. I can't tell you how often I wish someone would run into my ex in not so nice of a fashion.

Will he learn...depends on if he has hit bottom yet. From the sounds of it, he hasn't. (Hugs)Indigo

Bill said...

Well, you can't say God doesn't have a sense of humor.
POS in the ICU at the same time you have a family member in there. Only a hard-core atheist could call that a coincidence.

Hats off to you for not accidently disconnecting a life-support system.

Syd said...

What a life he has: Detoxing in ICU. It was good of you to visit him. Too bad that he doesn't get it and figure out how good life can be.

Jess Mistress of Mischief said...

prayin for your uncle, for your POS (I had an ASSHO..) myself...he didn't have a name...just ahole for many years... I realized I couldn't call him that anymore after I did my inventory SUCKS that i had to look at my part LOL... it was so much easier blaming him for everything.

I'm praying for you too.... stress isn't fun, sickness isn't fun, thank God we have eachother, people who are caring and sharing!!!

You ROCK!!!