Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday-just Tuesday

Hey all, its been a bit since I've posted. I must confess, I have been spending WAYYYYY to much time on Facebook. Yes, Facebook. You all know about FB right? The site you post on , connect with people and they own you forever, yes that FB. But it is FUN! I like fun, but it is quite addicting. I have found long lost friends and more importantly FAMILY. I found many cousins and a few other family members that I had lost touch with. It's just so nice to see everyone. I'm sure they're THRILLED that I am back in their lives as well! How could they NOT be? hehe.
I am about to leave for my Tuesday night Beach House meeting. I absolutely LOVE this meeting. It's always so good to see my fellow alkies. I am "snack lady" and I will be bringing chocolate chip cookies to my friends tonight. I used to have a real job, coffee maker. I gave it up recently. We had to vote on new people for commitments and they usually just say, you still want coffee-right Denise? I usually did and I kept that job for 4 years. Yes, years. I needed the commitment. It kept me going every week, it kept me sober. I believe that it is so important to get involved in your home group. Get involved, meet new people, learn to give away what has been so freely given to you. This is after all how it works, isn't it? I can say enough about AA and how it has changed my life. I will be forever grateful to AA and my new friends. It's a bloody miracle, if you could've only know me then. Oh my goodness.
Gotta go for now....I think I will finish this post after the meeting and then publish it. So ta ta for now blogger buddies.....Queen OUT

Queen BACK IN! hehe..
GOOD MEETING YA'LL They always are. Lately our room has been full, which is a wonderful thing. For a while it was getting pretty slow in that room, just us regulars. Some were talking about closing down the meeting, and I told them it would go on if I had to pay the rent myself. Back in the day-like 1991-when I was first introduced to AA there were meetings everywhere and it was standing room only in some of them. There would be HUNDREDS of people at them. Now this town I live in is pretty much a small town and they still packed em in. Now we are seeing lots of newcomers, that's always a good thing. But it is nothing like it used to be, attendance wise. I shudder to think of why this is. Some have surely passed on, but where are all of the sick and suffering? I pray they find their way to these rooms. Miracles truly do happen in this fellowship.
OK, I gotta go be nosey, there are 5 po po cars across the street. Ima gonna go make some popcorn and watch the show.
Bye for now.
Queen OUT


sober white women said...

I want some cookiies! I don't need any cookies, but I would like some. LOL
Don't you just love it when the popo shows up? I also sit at our window and watch. Heck it is better then t.v.

Syd said...

I hope that the sick and suffering make it in too. Have a good day.

Sarah said...

Oh, don't you just love neighborhood drama. I'm just glad that they aren't at my house - phew. LOL

Anywho, I like FB too. But now that I have found most of the people I get curious about, the joy is fading and I am back to just checking in there once or twice a day.


Indigo said...

In the beginning I loved it, these days eh...I think I just have way too many pans on the stove at one time. I'm starting to lose the fun of it. Like Sarah I check in once in a while. I actually like using Twitter more.

I was the coffee madame for a year in my home group. During that time I was also given the keys to the room. Took Sec. for a few meetings. I miss it...it's kind of hard to be responsive when you can't hear others share. (Hugs)Indigo

P.S. The Po drama was at my house this past week. The neighbors think it's entertaining to dump kitty litter and cat shit in my yard.

Lou said...

I think one reason attendance may be down, is that people are always looking for a "new" way today. They are very ready to ditch the tried & true, and jump on the latest self help band wagon.

Akannie said...


God--It's GOOD to be Queen!

Zanejabbers said...

Po Po Cars. Oh dear, I know you know not what you say. And I can't tell you. Always enjoy your posts. Hope you sold some popcorn.

ac said...

Catching up and wishing you well. xo ac