Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Joys of Motherhood

So I just got the boy off to school. He was in a good mood and didn't give me any grief about anything this morning. Yesterday was a different story.

You see I work full time days and that means J gets ready and off to school on his own every day. This works for us, for the most part but lately...not so much. Yesterday was one of those days. I usually call and/or text him every morning to make sure he is on task, moving along like he should be. Yesterday morning he wasn't answering me. So I leave work and come home and there he is sitting in the living room in his undies, watching cartoons like its no big deal. I told him to get dressed, I would drive him to school. He gets PISSED (well he was pissed when he saw me come through the door) and starts punching walls and storms off to get dressed. Seconds later he comes back in to tell me "screw it, I haven't showered and I'm NOT going to school" and then he starts crying. (Did I forget to mention that his therapist has diagnosed him with bipolar disorder?) He goes on to tell me that there are only 2 things he cares about and they are his niece (hes a brand new first time uncle) and his video games (UGH-those damn games) and he is losing both so he doesn't "give a shit about anything".

Yes he said "shit" to his momma.

I need to back up a bit and tell you that on Friday I gave J a FINAL WARNING and if he was late to school anymore (the last month has been awful) I would take away all of his video games until the lateness problem got resolved. Also, his sister (not my daughter-his sperm donors kid) is moving after Xmas and hence "losing" his niece.

So he was so down about everything, I went back to work, finished up and came home to be with him for the day. Yes, I let him stay home. I have learned that when he is in this type of funk, that it is better to NOT have him go to school. At the end of sixth grade his school had him ARRESTED for mouthing off (there were TWO days left to the end of the year!) He claims to have said one thing and the Vice-principal heard another and it was apparently enough to charge a 10 year old with breach of peace. There was a court appearance, probation and a lot of other bullshit to have to endure because of this outburst and if I can avoid that fuckin happy horseshit by keeping him home-that's what I will do.

Well, that was YESTERDAY~~~I lost power and my train of thought smack dab in the middle of this post! So anyway-J is a work in progress, just like his momma. We continue to move forward-together.

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Cat said...

My oldest son has said more that that to me - it is a day at a time - he changes and has good days and bad ones just like me and what can I do but love him?